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Engineered Compression Packages


J-W Power Company's packaging and service experience has proven invaluable in its transition into the fire flood, air drilling and compressed natural gas (CNG) markets. J-W Power Company can build a standard compressor for your well head application or a high specification custom compressor package to meet the toughest applications.

In addition to designing and building world class natural gas compression packages, J-W Power Company has the expertise to design, build, and service compressor packages for a wide range of applications.


Some examples of these are:

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Re-fueling

J-W Power Company has worked with some of the premier service providers in order to design and build world class refueling stations. J-W Power Company built equipment is providing compression for some of the largest CNG sites in the world. This equipment has been installed in places such as Los Angeles, New York City, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Toronto, and Egypt.

J-W Power Company can package a variety of compressors or drivers to meet the customer's needs. All of the equipment includes microprocessor controllers, auto start/stop, closed loop gas system, automated valves, coalescing filters and a host of standard options. In addition, J-W Power Company can offer a full range of options including methane detectors, building enclosures, load management systems, air-fuel ratio controllers, and a wide variety of other options.

High Pressure Air Compression (Fire Flood)

J-W Power Company has designed and installed some of the largest air compression plants in the world including a plant with a combined horsepower of 40,000 horsepower with a total capacity of 75 MMSCFD of air discharging at 4,500 psig. This plant consists of five 4,000 HP Cooper TAE turbo-compressors combined with five 4,000 HP Ariel JGC-4 reciprocating compressors.

J-W Power Company engineers packages to meet stringent environmental requirements, such as noise, emission, and oil carryover that govern the world today.

Air Drilling Packages

J-W Power Company can custom build air drilling packages to fit your needs. Whether it is selling a bare frame for packaging or designing a complete package, J-W Power Company has a solution that is right for your needs. Professional and mechanical services are available on a daily or hourly rate.

For more information or an estimate on a package contact us at

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