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The Power to Perform

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)


All of J-W Power Company packages are designed with state-of-the-art 3-D modeling software. Standard designs are available or custom-engineered packages can be built to your exact specifications. The company has the ability to conduct a full load test on every package built by using fuel quality gas at its Longview, Texas manufacturing facility. These tests are also capable of monitoring and recording flow, power, pressures, temperatures, pulsation, vibration, noise levels and air emissions. 


Compressor Package Options: 



  • Driver horsepower ranges from 75 HP to 4,000 HP

  • Standard designs available or custom engineered packages built to specifications

  • Flow ranges from 250 scfm to 2,500 scfm

  • Electric motor or natural gas engine drivers

  • Suction pressure from as low as 15 psig up to 1,000 psig

  • Discharge pressure up to 5,000 psig discharge

  • Standard package design utilizes Ariel compressor frames

  • Processors - Murphy, Allen-Bradley and others

  • Auto start / auto stop

  • Remote call out capable

  • Heavy-duty rugged skids designed for four point lifts

  • Environmental drip rails

  • Two, three, or four stages of compression

  • Captive receivers

  • Parker coalescing filters

  • 380 VAC 50 Hz or 460 VAC 60 Hertz options available

  • Packages meet NFPA 52, NEC and ASME standards

For more information about the solutions J-W Power Company can provide contact us at

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