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The Power to Perform
First Compression Package (Manufactured in 1976)
Tom Jeffrey - Ralph Connell - Howard Westerman

J-W Power Company History


Howard Westerman's involvement with gas pipelines and fascination of mechanical equipment led to his interest in gas compressors. J-W Power Company was officially formed August 19, 1988, but was leasing compressor packages purchased from third parties as far back as October 1966 under the parent company's name of J-W Operating Company.

The majority of this early equipment was slow-speed integral compressors manufactured by Ajax. When Ariel Corporation began manufacturing high-speed separable compressors, J-W Power Company was one of the early packagers with Ariel becoming the mainstay of the current lease fleet.

J-W Power Company fabricated its first compressor package, an Ariel JGM/2 compressor driven by a Witte engine rated 18 BHP @ 1400 RPM, in May 1976 in a small shop in Longview, TX. Needing a place to test his ideas for improving gas compressor packages, Mr. Westerman constructed a larger plant on the outskirts of Longview, TX in January 1978 which is still in operation today.

Since that time J-W Power Company has been an innovator in gas compressor package design, currently holding many patents and trademarks. J-W Power Company actually packaged some of the industry's first oil-flooded rotary screws in December 1978 and in October of 1986 patented a two-stroke stratified engine later known as the Superburn®.

J-W Power Company has expanded primarily through organic growth with a few strategic acquisitions in core areas since buying that first compressor. J-W Power Company is currently considered an industry leader in leasing, service, fabrication and sales of natural gas compression equipment.


J-W Power Company is currently one of the largest privately-owned compression packager and is considered one of the premier manufacturers of packaged gas compressors while providing some of the best maintenance service in the industry.

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