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David K. Carey Memorial Sporting Clays Tournament




  2. Three shooters will be assigned to a team captain forming a four-person team.  Teams will be paired by ranking safety first, then family members, equality of teams, and then friends requested.

  3. Only the first shooter at each station watches a pair of targets (without shooting).

  4. NO “MULLIGANS”, warmup shots, retries, reshoots, redos, or do-overs.

  5. Starting station will be written on the shooter’s scorecard.

  6. Each shooter will attempt either the designated amount of targets (either 4 or 5 pairs) at each of either 10 or 12 stations for a total of 100 targets.

  7. Each team will score their own performance as follows:  “Dead” or hit clays are marked with an “X” on the scorecard.  “Lost” or missed clays will be marked with an “O” on the scorecard. Dead birds are birds in which a least one piece of clay is knocked off of the clay.  Note that sometimes pellets pass immediately over the bird or around the bird and pull dust off of the top of the clay.  Unless a piece has come off, this is NOT a dead bird.  A pellet wad hitting the clay bird is also not considered a hit.

  8. Each station will either be a “TRUE PAIR” or a “REPORT PAIR”.

    1. Report pairs - the second clay is thrown when the gun is fired (the “report” of the gun).  Push the button with the knot in the cord first.

    2. True pairs - both clays (both buttons pushed at the same time) are thrown simultaneously.

  9. In the case of a machine (clay thrower) malfunction

  10. On a report pair, malfunction on the second clay, the results for the first bird are established with the first shot (either a Dead or Lost clay).  Both targets must be shot at again with only the results of the second clay being recorded at that time.

  11. On a true pair, the pair must be shot again.  No score is recorded.

  12. Gun malfunctions will result in shooting the pair over again.  Only two (2) gun malfunctions are allowed per shooter for the tournament and all malfunctions must be verified by a witness.

  13. Teams with three (3) shooters will have the individual scores averaged together for the “fourth” shooter’s score.  Do not shoot for the “fourth” shooter.

  14. Team captains need to review the scorecards for accuracy, add the scores, and return the scorecards to the scorekeepers as soon as the course is completed.

  15. Ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff (the highest scores on predetermined stations).

  16. Did you read the rules?  If you think Elmer Fudd is a good mentor for safety then we appreciate you taking the time to read the rules but this isn’t the sport for you.

  17. Employees are not to solicit any supplier or person for prizes, donations or sponsorships. 

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